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Welcome to my website!

I’m Bill Kelly, American Author of five novels writing under my formal name of William F. Kelly. My latest novel, Kathleen, is a story of a sixty-seven year old woman who is tricked into signing a power of attorney and is placed in a memory care facility. You will enjoy Kathleen.

Here is a synopsis of each of the books.

Kathleen  (2017)

After the deaths of both her husband and her son, Kathleen Lawson’s only family is her wicked daughter-in-law, Tillie, and her son’s much kinder ex-wife, Carol. A widow from Homewood, Alabama and a crossing guard for the past twenty years has only just begun to dream of her retirement. But after an accident leaves Kathleen temporarily disabled, Tillie has other plans. Forged documents and one tall-tale later, finds Kathleen locked up at Lakeside Nursing Home, a run-down memory care facility run by a fake doctor with a criminal past. It’s now up to Carol to find Kathleen before Tillie steals her home and her money.

In for a Dime  (2015)

John O’Neal is not handling the death of his wife very well, wallowing in self pity and guilt for not recognizing the symptoms of this wife’s heart attack. Lauren, a runaway, seeks his help to cash a check. John reluctantly becomes involved in her problem.

Passport to Danger  (2013)

Billy Schmidt’s visit to his cousin in 1938 Germany turns terribly wrong when he uses his cousin’s passport to get medical help. He is inducted into the German army and searches for a way to help the Allied cause. This fast paced historical fiction story will keep you turning the pages.

Dangerous Passage  (2010)

Paul Fortier, a French Canadian is shot down over France in the early days of World War II. With an injured leg he attempts to escape into Switzerland but gets involved with the Resistance  smuggling Jewish children and airmen across the border, because of a hidden passageway through the mountains. This story has suspense, danger and love.

Buck’s War  (2005)

Buck Jones is shot down in the Pacific in World War II and eventually drifts up on an island. When the Japanese occupy the island to use it to refuel their submarine fleet, Buck must remain hidden until he can figure out how to destroy their operation. His mother never gave up hope that he would be alive.